October 16, 2016
part of the show A Rule By Nobody at third object (Chicago)

A motivational, team-building corporate retreat through other people’s daily grinds. The works in the screening emulate and parody various workplaces and their hierarchical structures to reveal inner formulas, dogmas and breaking points. 

with Liz Magic Laser, Hanne Lippard, Ellen Nielsen, Kay Rosen, Pilvi Takala, Lawrence Weiner & Andrew Norman Wilson

the Nightingale


VIDEO NIGHT - SPACE collection Lüttich

VIDEO NIGHT supported by SPACE Collection
September 3, 2016 // 9pm

SPACE Collection
Féronstrée 116
4000 Lüttich

Organized by Mathilde Ganancia and Charlotte Lagro with the support of SPACE Collection, VIDEO NIGHT reunites eight international artists for an evening of art videos.

Each of them explore how the singular can relate to the enormous : from the individual facing massive institutions to massive immersions mesmerizing the individual.

Using animated video, performative fiction, documented performance and revisited interview, the artists slip into various roles while establishing new forms of introspections.

Avec / with :
Haley Bueschlen (NY)
Sophia Cleary (LA)
Arnaud Dezoteux (Paris)
Virgile Fraisse (Paris)
Gregory Kalliche (NY)
Jacques Lizène (Liège)
Kianoosh Motallebi (Bxl)
Pilvi Takala (Berlin)

Image: theothersideofthemuffledwall (Gregory Kalliche)

+++ Trailer: 

DAVOR Freiluftkino Weißensee - Real Snow White

Freiluftbühne Weißensee
Große Seestraße 9, 13086 Berlin

Real Snow White, 2009, Video, Farbe, Ton, 9:15 min
Fr. 22.7.2016, 21:30 Uhr/ Do. 4.8.2016, 21:15 Uhr/ Sa. 13.8.2016, 21 Uhr

DAVOR ist eine Programmreihe künstlerischer Filme im Freiluftkino Weißensee. Vor den eigentlichen Hauptfilm gesetzt, ohne inhaltlichen Bezug dazu, mit unvorhersehbaren Effekten. Mit Displacing Motion, Mutual Red und Responding Environs von Silva Agostini; You Kiss By The Book von Nina Hoffmann; Durchzug und Mauer von Konrad Mühe; Real Snow White von Pilvi Takala; Gegen den Strich von Eva Vuillemin und Die Rechte des Gehsteig von Anna Witt, ausgewählt von Silke Baumann & Akiko Bernhöft.

Am Freitag, dem 26.8., gibt es den großen Davor–Abend, an dem alle Beiträge der Davor-Reihe und andere künstlerische Arbeiten in einem Programm gezeigt werden!

Kunsthal Aarhus - Pilvi Takala

Exhibition period: 22 June-21 August 2016
Opening: 22 June

Kunsthal Aarhus presents an exhibition by the Finish artist Pilvi Takala.

Artist Pilvi Takala provides an overview of her work of the last ten years in her first solo exhibition in Denmark. The exhibition consists of 8 single channel video works, their costumes, and the public work Lost Pigeons.

Takala’s rich performative visual art practice takes place mostly at moments where she blends into social and public environments. In the spaces and places of offices, class rooms, amusement parks and public streets, her form of disguise and infiltration reveals the direct operation of many of the systems she finds herself in.

From a marketing office in Finland, to a shopping mall in The Netherlands and a boarding school in the US, the project of infiltration is often employed to offer practical stages of public research. Takala investigates these environments in a humorous way, and through her challenges Takala plays with our expectations, our prejudism and our notion of what is normal behavior within these shared places. The result mostly comes to us in the form of narrative video, rather than us witnessing the direct movements. It alludes to a form of extreme observation of how these things actually work and what they tell us of our own position in a larger framework of communities and life. A clear example of Takala’s work and tactics is The Trainee (2008) where she as an artist were part of a month-long traineeship at Deloitte in Helsinki. Embedded within the company, she slowly changed her concentration of the job from ‘working’ into ‘thinking’. Obviously raising attention within the office to her – at first sight – passive activity, her colleagues confronted her directly on her lack of productivity. It challenged the very basic need and value of work in a direct office landscape, showing cracks internally within such an environment in parallel to trying to develop artistic responses to such systems.

Detail ist alles - Kunsthalle Mainz

Kunsthalle Mainz
Am Zollhafen 3 - 5
55118 Mainz

Detail ist alles

Vito Acconci / Francis Alÿs / Samson Kambalu / Jiří Kovanda / Klara Lidén / Ahmet Öğüt / Roman Ondak / Neša Paripović / Pilvi Takala

24th June – 16th October 2016
Opening: Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 at 7pm

Bucharest Biennale 7

The BUCHAREST BIENNALE continues to build a strong partnership between Bucharest — a geocultural space where the political is reflected in all aspects of life—and the rest of the World. In transcending specific geographical, historical, or political frameworks, it connects to a broader complexity, namely the one of “resistance” within the quotidian realm.

As a biannual cultural event, BB’s temporary structure allows a deconstruction of the systems supporting and underlying what has been called the “experience economy”. The Bucharest Biennale goes beyond merely orchestrating memorable “events” that aim for prescribed notions of customizable transformation, which are characteristic of this economic model and importantly reflected in the global biennial format as well. Instead, the Biennale offers a platform to analyse, and potentially redirect, current social, political and economic imaginaries. It intends to make visible the power structures supporting such spheres of control, addressing the ways in which they are organized and coordinated, as well as implemented across broad segments of society.

On BB7:

What are we building down there?

- What is the difference between a fairy tale in the West and a fairy tale in the East?

- A fairy tale in the West starts with the words “Once upon a time there was…”
A fairy tale in the East starts with the words “Once upon a time there will be…”*

Once upon a time there will be a Bucharest that positions itself as a model city for
privatization processes worldwide…

In order to grasp this fairy tale-proposition, we first need to go back in time.

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List of BB7 participating artists:

Merve Bedir (TR)
Bors & Ritiu (RO)
Nanna Debois-Buhl (DK)
Burak Delier (TR)
Andrea Faciu (RO)
Brendan Fernandes (CA)
Allard van Hoorn (NL)
Adelita Husni-Bey (IT)
Tuomas A. Laitinen (FI)
Lehman Brothers (DK)
Tamás Kaszás (HU)
Metahaven (NL)
Rie Nakajima (JP)
Nasan Tur (DE)
Jaro Varga (SK)
Vermeir & Heiremans (BE)
Visible Solutions LLC (ES)
Pilvi Takala (FI)
Andrew Norman Wilson (US)

Pilvi Takala at Centre for Contemporary Arts

Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
April 8 – May 15, 2016

Pilvi Takala provides a major overview of her work of the last ten years in her first solo exhibition in Scotland.

Takala is known for her video works that investigate different social situations and human behaviour. Her rich performative visual art practice takes place mostly where she blends into environments that seemingly have little to do with an artistic reality. From communities of poker players in Thailand, teahouses in Turkey and dance events in Estonia, to a shopping mall in The Netherlands and a boarding school in the US, disguise and infiltration are employed to offer practical stages of public research and response.

One clear example of her tactics as an artist is The Trainee – her month-long project in partnership with Deloitte Helsinki in 2008. With only a few people knowing the true nature of the project, the artist (posing initially as a normalseeming marketing trainee) began to apply peculiar working methods. Gradually shifting her concentration of the job from working to thinking, she started to raise attention within the office of her – at first sight – passive activity. Her traineeship challenged the very basic value of work in a direct office landscape, showing cracks internally within such an environment in parallel to trying to develop artistic responses to such systems. The Trainee will be included in the exhibition at CCA amongst a range of works such as Real Snow White which highlights the strict discipline of Disneyland when Takala – posing as a fan and dressed as Snow White – is banned from entering the park by security; The Angels, where the artist disguises herself as a shop assistant and performs bonafide acts of kindness; Easy Rider, a film made secretly on public transport as a man borrows clothes from a stranger and Event on Garnethill, a publication of a performance that Takala developed while studying at Glasgow School of Art in 2004 in which she dressed up in a local school uniform and spent time on the streets among the school pupils.

Pilvi Takala said: “I consider Garnethill the birthplace of my practice and showing the work that grew out of that simple gesture in CCA now is extremely meaningful. The way I use my own body as a tool for research has evolved in many ways, but it’s always as crucial to choose the right way to dress for each situation.”

Also included in CCA are two of Takala’s award-winning works. Broad Sense focusses on an intervention in the European Parliament which saw questions about dress codes submitted to each member state and the resulting responses printed on nineteen different t-shirts worn by Takala on visits to the Parliament over the course of three days. Broad Sense was awarded the first prize of Prix de Rome Visual Arts 2011.

In 2013, Takala won the Emdash Award, aimed towards production of a new work for Frieze Art Fair, and invited a group of local children to spend her award. They were free to spend the money any way they wanted, and choose how they would formulate decisions as a group. In the resulting film, The Committee, the children explain how they chose to spend the £7,000 prize money and discuss the values which guided their decisions.

CCA Curator Remco de Blaaij said: “Pilvi Takala’s works employ the simple tactics of starting conversations in a way that confronts micro realities. European security, corporate rules and local customs are all challenged to perform what might be expected. What unfolds, however, is a very carefully constructed breakdown of barriers, in order to reveal their actual significance and meaning in our current societies and lives.”

Programmed as part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.
A series of events will accompany this exhibition and will be announced soon.